NFL Scorigami

NFL Scorigami is a bet that guesses a final score to an NFL game which never occurred in the league's history.

Due to NFL football's scoring amounts, this can:

-cause some final scores to be quite hard to achieve
-require one or both teams to score uncharacteristically high amounts of points
-require a rare occurrence of events/plays to award a lower pointset (Ex: 2 safeties to the same team within a game).

Previous Scorigami History can be found here, including the date of each particular score occurring for first time in NFL history.

Next Scorigami:

-Like any Pinata Pick, you get a random score that has never happened in league history at odds of 1000:1


How many Scorigami will hit in Week (x):

-How many games will end in a final score that has never happened in NFL history during the listed week of the NFL season.
Options are none, 1, and 2 or more.


Total Scorigami during the season:

-How many games will end with a score that had ever occurred in the league history.
Options vary from none at all to 12 or more.


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