How does the tennis bet "Score of game X of set Y or break" work? (Live Betting)

This tennis bet is based on whether the server "holds serve" (i.e. wins the game while serving) and how many points his opponent scores in the game; or if the server is "broken on the serve" (i.e. loses the game while serving).

An easy way to describe this would be to imagine a "Score of game 3 of set 1 or break" match between Player A and B, where player A serves.

  • Betting

    Player A to 15

    means A will win with a greater score than Player B’s score of 15 points.
  • A bet on

    Player A to 40

    means A wins while Player B scores 40 points.
  • A

    Break bet

    means that Player B wins the game served by Player A.
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