Verification Guide - Frequently Asked Questions

Verifying with us is fast and simple, and is part of our licensing and regulation requirements in order to allow you to bet and deposit with Sports Interaction.

Why do I have to verify my account?

Being regulated by the KGC our License Agreement requires us to adhere to strict rules regarding customer security and identification.

  How do I verify my account?

Start your verification on your first day with Sports Interaction! 

Once logged into your account, you will find information about verification or to confirm what is required on our verification page

How long does the verification process take?

Documents may be instantly approved, although some discrepancies may cause a manual review by a member of our secure verification team members. We carefully check your documents and use industry leading security standards and practices to ensure the safety of your information. Once your information is reviewed, a Security Team member will contact you to confirm your verification status. Our goal is to process your documents within 3 business days.

How should I send my verification documents?

Upload your documents directly to our website on our verification page.

What size and quality should my document images be?

You can use your mobile device to take the pictures, just make sure your image files are JPEG (.jpg) or PNG (.png) format, and are no larger than 10MB. More details are available on our verification page

To make your verification process as fast as possible, all document scans should be clear and readable with all required details fully visible. Check the email sent by our Security Team for full guidelines.

How can I confirm that you received my documents?

Our Customer Service Team would be happy to confirm that your documents have arrived. Hit the Live Chat button on the bottom right of the website anytime.

A confirmation email will be sent once your information has been reviewed by our Verification Team.

How does Sports Interaction keep my information secure?

We are committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information. In this respect we have invested heavily in world class information management systems to keep your details encrypted and secure. You can read more about our Privacy Policy. You can also visit this page to get more information about how we keep your personal and financial information safe.

We take your online security seriously, and know the safety of your information is important to you. With this in mind, we may ask you for additional identification to confirm requests originate with you.

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