What does 1X2 mean in betting? (Ex. First Half Moneyline 1X2)

1X2 is a three-way bet type that includes the draw option.

1X2 is a common sports betting term where the selections are:

  • “1” indicating the first team listed (Team 1) to win
  • “X” indicating Draw (tie)
  • “2” indicating the second team listed (Team 2) to win

For example, a regular Moneyline bet will have Team 1 and Team 2 listed. If they tie, it is considered a push; all bets are voided and refunded. However, if the teams tie in a Moneyline 1X2 bet, the Draw option will be paid out as a win; bets on Team 1 and Team 2 are considered to have lost.

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