How do I take a screenshot?

Pressing “Print Screen” allows you to copy everything currently showing on your screen. Paste into Microsoft Paint and save as a JPG.

(Mac instructions are at the bottom)

Taking a screenshot with Microsoft Windows using Snipping Tool

  • Click on the Start menu, type 'snip', and then hit Enter.
  • The Snipping Tool opens, and a white mask is applied on the screen. In the drop-down menu for the 'New' button, choose from free-form snip, rectangular snip, window snip or full-screen snip.
  • In free-form snip mode you can manually draw around the area you want to be captured. Drag a rectangle in rectangular snip mode. For window snip mode, select the window you want to capture. In full-screen mode, selecting it from the drop-down menu captures the entire current screen.
  • The snipped image is then opened within the Snipping Tool, but is also copied to the Windows clipboard for use in other applications.
  • When the snipped image is in the clipboard, you may paste it in Paint as shown above.

A “screenshot” is a picture or image taken of your computer screen. For example, a screenshot can make it easier to understand something about a certain software issue. These simple steps will guide you through the process of taking a screenshot and sending it to us.

Taking a screenshot with Microsoft Windows using Print Screen and Paint

1) Make sure that you are currently viewing what you would like to capture and do one of the following:

  • To capture only the window currently selected, hold the


    key and simultaneously press the

    Print Screen

  • To capture everything on the screen, simply press the

    Print Screen

     (PrntScr) key.

 2) Next, open the

Microsoft Paint

program by clicking on the following: Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Paint.

3) To paste your screenshot into Microsoft Paint, do one of the following:

  • Click on the


    button at the top left and select


  • Hold the


    key and simultaneously press the



4) With your screenshot now showing within Microsoft Paint, click on


at the top left and select

Save As

. Choose


as the “Save in” location by clicking on the icon to the left or by selecting it from the drop down menu. Enter your Sports Interaction username as the “File name” and select


in the drop down list for “Save as type”.


The screenshot is now available on your desktop and can be sent to us directly by clicking here and using the “Attach Files” function under “Email Us” to include it in a message.

Taking a screenshot using a Mac

  • Capture your entire screen by simply pressing the key combination of Command (apple) + Shift + 3. When you do this, you should hear a "camera taking a picture" sound and a file called "Picture 1.png" shows up on your desktop.
  • You can now send this file as an attachment.
  • Alternatively, to copy the entire desktop, press Command (apple) + Control + Shift + 3. The screen shot will be placed on your clipboard for you to paste into another program.


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