Why is my bet payout not exactly equal to payout listed?

Decimal bet prices are rounded to the nearest tenth, which may seem to result in a slightly higher or lower bet payout.

Since we have multiple bet price formats, we must ensure that every customer will receive an equal payout, no matter which format they select. For example, -110 in American is equal to 10/11 in Fraction, which is then displayed as 1.91 in Decimal. Note that 10/11 plus the original stake of 1.00 is really equal to 1.9090 (repeating), so we round it to the nearest tenth and display it as 1.91. When we calculate the payout we will use the most accurate value of the bet price. This will be reflected on the bet card and in your bet history.

In some cases, such as in the 1.91 example, this will result in the bet payout being slightly lower. A $100.00 bet will not return $191.00, but $190.91.

While in other cases, such as 1.83 (which is really 1.8333), the bet payout will be slightly higher than the price times the bet amount. A $100.00 bet will not return $183.00, but $183.33.

Note that these payouts may also lead to a balance that is rounded to the nearest cent. Please see the table below for a demonstration.

Transaction Debit Credit Balance (Display) Balance (Actual)
Deposit   $100.00 $100.00 $100.0000
Bet (Placed @ 1.91) $100.00   $0.00 $0.0000
Bet (Win Payout)   $190.91 $190.91 $190.9090




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