What are the rules associated with sportsbook bonus offers?

Bonuses come with a "rollover"; an amount you must bet before withdrawing.

Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are confirmed on the deposit confirmation screen.

The rollover is calculated by adding the deposit and bonus together and multiplying by a number. For example:

A deposit bonus of 15% will have a 4x rollover on the sum of the deposit and bonus amount.

Deposit = $500
Bonus = $75
Total = $575 x 4 (4x multiplier)
Rollover = $2300

You'll need to bet $2300 before you can withdraw your full balance. Every bet you make, win or lose, takes away from the rollover left (but bets with a price < or = -200 (1.5) don't count!)

Non-Deposit Bonuses

Rollovers for non-deposit bonuses only multiply the bonus amount by a number. For example:

Bonus = $10 (10x multiplier)
Rollover = $100

Rollover Reset

Your rollover resets when you make your next deposit, as long as your account balance is under $1 and you have no open bets.


If you try to withdraw before finishing the rollover, you'll get a message letting you know how much is left in the rollover.

You can withdraw any amount in your balance that's higher than what's left in your rollover.

If you want to withdraw before finishing the rollover, we'll have to remove the bonus and winnings from bets placed using the bonus. The first bets placed after getting a bonus are considered using the bonus, up to the full amount of the bonus. For example, if you get a $75 bonus and your next bet is for $75, then all winnings from that bet are considered as coming from betting the bonus.

However, if your first bet had been for $200 and the bonus $75, then only part of the winnings from that bet will have to be removed. Here's how it would work:

Bonus Winnings Calculation: (Bonus amount / Bet Amount) x (Bet payout - Bet amount) = Bonus winnings

Bonus amount = $75
Bet amount = $200
Bet price = 1.50
Bet payout = $300
Winnings from bonus = $75 / $200 x ($300 - $200) = $37.50

So the original bonus of $75 and the associated winnings of $37.50 would be removed.

If you want to have a bonus removed or prevent deposit bonuses from being automatically added to your account, please contact our Customer Service Team.

For a complete list of Rules associated with our Sportsbook Bonus Offers, please clickhere.

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