How to Bet in the Racebook

 Follow these simple steps to place a bet in the Racebook:

  1. Choose Track from the left menu
  2. Choose Race #
  3. Choose Bet Type (ex. Straight, Exacta, Trifecta, Superfecta, Daily Double)
  4. Select your horse(s) in accordance with the bet type
  5. Click "Add to Race Card"
  6. Enter Bet Amount
  7. Review your bet details, including selection(s) and total bet value
  8. Hit "Place Bet"


Types of Bets in the Racebook

Straight: A Straight bet is a single bet placed on a horse to either Win, Place or Show.

  • Win: The selected horse must come in First place
  • Place: The selected horse must come in First or Second
  • Show: The selected horse to finish in First, Second or Third place

Quinella: To place a Quinella bet you are choosing 2 horses to either come in First or Second, in any order.

Exacta: To place an Exacta bet is similar to a Quinella bet, however you are choosing two horses to place in First and Second, in that order. The horse selected to Win must come in First place, and the horse selected to Place must come second. 

Trifecta: To place a Trifecta bet you are choosing between 3 horses to come in First, Second and Third in the exact order you are placing them. 

Superfecta: To place a Superfecta bet, you are choosing 4 horses. The selected horses must come in First, Second, Third, and Fourth place as you have placed them in your Bet Card.

Daily Double: A Daily Double bet is a bet placed on the winner of the next 2 consecutive races from that track. You are selecting the winning horses for the next 2 races. 

Pick 3+: A Pick bet is similar to a Daily Double, except you are choosing from 3 or more consecutive races, not from 2. 

Box and Box with Key:

“Exacta Box” can very much be thought of as similar to 2 play round robin in the sportsbook. Once you click exacta box it will create all 2 horse combinations (each to finish first or 2nd) from among all the horses the customer selects.

With “Exacta Box with Key” you’re focusing your exactas around one specific horse (which is the “key”) and building all combinations around that horse. Thus, if you select box with key with Horse #2 in first (it becomes the key) then horses 3,4, and 5 in 2nd, you are effectively placing 6 bets all focusing on the #2 horse:

  1. 2+3
  2. 3+2
  3. 2+4
  4. 4+2
  5. 2+5
  6. 5+2

Reading your Bet Card


When your bet card is made, the confirmation number is the first number on the top left. This is your Bet ID for the bet you have placed. Following this you will read the time and date the bet was placed, and the bet type. For this example, a Straight bet was placed on the Race track Tampa Bay Downs, Race #1. The amount bet on this race is indicated as "CAD 2" meaning $2 Canadian was placed on your bet. The number before the colon is the horse you have selected.

It reads as follows: Horse 3: X/X/$2 to show.

Your selected horse is before the colon, in this case Horse 3. For a Straight bet you are choose a horse to Win/Place/Show, and is read accordingly. You have placed a $2 bet on Horse 3 to Show. 


How to review your Racebook bets

Bets placed within the Racebook have their own Bet History area, not connected with the Sportsbook "My Bets" area. In order to review and follow your Racebook bets, you will need to be in the Racebook section. On the right side of the screen you will see "Race Card" and "History"


In this area, clicking either "Racebook Open Bets", "Racebook Settled Bets" or "Race Result" will bring up a new window, showing the following options

Active bets will show you your current Open Bets that have not been graded or settled.

Final Bets will show you your graded and settled bets, from the time period of your choosing. In this area you will have the option of determining how far to search for races that you have placed in the past, that have concluded. 

Results will show you the results from the races that occurred on the day of your choosing. 



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