How do Interac e-Transfer deposits by Gigadat work?

e-Transfer by Interac allows you to deposit funds to your Sports Interaction account directly from your bank account within 60 minutes*.

*Please note that on rare occasions, eTransfers may take up to one hour to credit to your Sports Interaction balance.

  1. On the deposit page, enter the amount to deposit to your Sports Interaction account
  2. Click "Generate Payment Details" (this is required for each new future deposit)
  3. Select your financial institution and login to your bank's mobile app or website 
  4. Locate your eTransfer section and add the required details from the generated details
  5. If a Security Question is required, you can enter anything you'd wish, the answer will be in the generated payment details

Example of Generated Payment Details


Once logged into your bank account: 

  1. Locate the e-Transfer section
  2. Add a new recipient using information from the "Generated Payment Details"


Please note that each deposit code in the "Message" field can only be used once and for the exact amount requested. You will need to "Generate Payment Details" for each new deposit thereafter and change the deposit code in your online banking. 

How Quick?

*Once your transfer is successful, your deposit will be credited to Sports Interaction within 60 minutes. Simply refresh your balance if it's not done automatically. On rare occasions, it can take longer for your payment to credit due to a delay with Interac's notification service. 

What if my deposit does not credit to Sports Interaction?

If there was an error in the information you sent your funds to, for example, amount, unique message code or email address, your funds will not reach your Sports Interaction account. 

You may have received an email that stated your funds were accepted by our third party processing company however could not be credited to your Sports Interaction account. They will refund your transaction within 2 business days.  You will receive an email to accept your refund as you would any other e-Transfer along with a password to accept. 

Please note that if you did not receive a confirmation email that your funds were accepted, you should be able to cancel the e-Transfer from your online bank account. 

Limits (total combining Interac Online & eTransfer)

Per transaction: Can$3,000

Daily Max (per rolling 24 hours): Can$3,000

Weekly Max (per rolling 7 days): Can$20,000

Monthly Max (within 30 days): Can$40,000



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