What is a Cash Out and how does it work?

The Cash Out option lets you cash in early on your bet, whether your selection is ahead or behind, before the event you're betting on is over. Cash Out offers are made in real time on your current bets, based on live market prices, timing and circumstances of the event. The option to cash out may not be available at all times given certain circumstances or bet types.  All cash out prices are at the discretion of our Line Management Team and take into consideration many factors of the game or match.


  • Only single bets are eligible for Cash Out.
  • To qualify for a Cash out, the bet must still be available for betting
  • Live bets can be only be cashed out in the live betting section
  • Live Bets that are cashed out go through a 5 second “bet card delay”.
  • The "draw" option cannot be cashed out in some bet types.
  • Available Cash Outs can be accessed in the “My Bets” section on both mobile and desktop
  • Cash Out button will be grey if the bet cannot be cashed out based on event status
  • Cash outs may not be accepted due to factors of the bet type or game status
  • Bets made using Bet Credits are not eligible to be cashed out

The “My Bets” section will display all open bets.

Within the “My bets” section, there’s a “Cash Out” tab that filters all the open bets to only display bets that are eligible for Cash Out.

To complete a Cash Out:

  1. Click the orange "Cash Out" button, which will display the adjusted credit amount.
  2. Click the same button, which will now be green and say "Confirm" along with the adjusted credit amount. 


Once Cashed Out

Once your bet has been confirmed and Cashed Out you will see "Cash Out successful: $X.XX", there will be a new statement in your Settled Bets confirmed the time, date and amount of the Cashed Out bet.

Original bet:

Once the Cash Out is completed, a new transaction, and transaction status will be displayed on the bet history page with the adjusted credit amount.

Future developments

Sports Interaction is looking to implement Cash Out for combination bets in a not so distant future. 























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