How does Quantum Blackjack work?


This new live casino offering combines the classic blackjack game play you love with new multiplier cards to boost your payouts.

Betting takes place before any cards are dealt, as in regular blackjack.  But once the chips are down, up to three cards are drawn randomly from a digital deck of standard playing cards.  Each card dealt is assigned one of three multipliers—3x, 5x, and 10x—at random.

From there, play proceeds normally according to blackjack rules.  However, when any winning hand contains one of the “multiplied” cards, that hand’s payout is multiplied accordingly.  For example, if the eight of spades is assigned the 5x multiplier, and your winning hand contains an eight of spades, you’ll be paid five times the normal winning amount.

 It gets better!  If your hand contains two or more “multiplied” cards, your payout is multiplied by ALL the multipliers in your hand!  For example, if your winning hand contains a 5x multiplied card and a 3x multiplied card, you’ll be paid 15 times (5x3) the winning amount.

Multipliers have no effect on losing or busting hands, nor on the dealer’s hand, nor on side bet payouts.

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