What happens if I'm disconnected while playing in a Casino game?

If you are in the Live Casino game, ie, where the dealer / host is being streamed, your internet connection speed plays an important factor in your experience. It's always best to ensure that your current internet speed is adequate (between 4-8 Mbps) to ensure a smooth experience. 

If you are disconnected from your game, re-establish your connection to the same game to complete your game round. In Live Casino scenarios, you will be directed to the non-live version of the game you were playing so you can finish the game round. Please note that only the cards that were on the table the moment of the disconnection are carried over. In some cases, the video stream may allow you to see additional dealer cards drawn or revealed after your disconnection, however these are not carried over. 

Side bets are resolved based on the Live Game. For example, if you took insurance, your insurance wager will be processed as a win or loss based on the result in the live session. 


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