What is a 'walkover' in Tennis?


The word ‘walkover’ is often used in tennis when a team or player, as a result of another player being unable to appear in a match with any cause, most particularly in illness cases.

A walkover occurs when a player wins a tournament without competing, and the rules for tennis competitions require a match to be played.

A walkover is when a match gets canceled without a previous 24 hours notification, or when a participant faces an injury typically during the warm-up and can’t finish the game, or when a gamer is more than 30 minutes late for the game with no justifications, then it could be considered a walkover victory for the other player.

When it relates to tennis, walkovers are granted to competitors if the opposing competitor does not turn up on time, except in administrative mistakes. They are given a victory, and they can also advance by earning league points.

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