Privacy Policy Acceptance

In our commitment to transparency, we've updated our Privacy Policy to allow more clarity on how we protect your information and use it, abiding by laws that protect you. Your privacy is our top priority.

In order to continue using Sports Interaction's services we ask that you acknowledge these changes. 

If you would like to discuss any part of the privacy policy, please feel free to email us your questions here. Until the changes are acknowledged, your account will maintain all of your history, balances and information, however you will be unable to interact with the Sports Interaction website. 

To highlight some of the updates:

  1. Who we are (Mohawk Online, Avid International Limited)
  2. What personal information we collect
  3. How we collect information using technology
  4. What we do with the information we collect
  5. When we disclose personal information
  6. Your choices

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