How does the new Bet Card work?

Our updated Bet Card allows you to place multiple Single bets and Parlays at the same time.


(Default Bet Card)


Placing multiple Single Bets

When you place more than one selection on the Bet Card you will see a new toggle on the top right labeled "Singles"


Clicking on the top right toggle will open up the Stake boxes for the individual selections on your card. These Stake boxes allow you to place each line individually as a Single Bet, for different wagers instead of one single sum.


Placing multiple Parlays

When you have 2 or more selections on your Bet Card, your bet card breaks down your added bets into 2-Play Parlays, 3-Play Parlays. Up to 10 selections can be added to your Bet Card that can be placed as Parlays. 


Each different Parlay (2-Play, 3-Play) can be placed for different amounts at the same time, giving you more options to place your bets. Clicking on the "2-Play Parlay", or the underlined Parlays, will give you the breakdown of how the bets will be placed on your Bet Card.


Click here on how to place Round Robin bets.

If you have further questions, our Customer Service team is here to help you 24/7 by live chat, or by phone at 1-888-922-5575. You can also experiment with different round robin selections and the resulting payouts on the bet card—just don’t click “Place Bet” until you’re ready to get in the action!


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