SIA Poker in Ontario

Am I able to play SIA poker if I'm from Ontario?

Unfortunately the regulations set out by Ontario require poker operators to ensure that players are participating in poker games with fellow Ontarians. At the moment, our existing product does not have the ability to separate our customers geographically as the iPoker network hosts players worldwide. For this reason, your ability to login will be disabled starting April 4, 2022 at 12:00am EDT. 


What happens to the funds in my Poker Balance?

They are secure. We do suggest you make any transfers ahead of April 4 back to your Sports Balance. Don't worry, our Customer Service Team can help make the transfer if you miss the deadline. 


What if I'm registered to play in a Tournament that's scheduled after April 4?

We encourage you to unregister from any tournaments scheduled to be in progress after April 4, 00:01 EDT.  If you are having trouble with this, please reach out to our Customer Service Team to help. 


What if I'm playing when the clock strikes midnight?

You should receive a message from the network that you will be disconnected. We do recommend that you discontinue play ahead of April 4 to ensure a positive experience. 

What if I have won a tournament token that is due to be used after April 4?

Reach out to our Customer Service Team to understand your options for a refund. 


What message will I see if I try to login from Ontario?

We do not accept account registrations from your legal jurisdiction. Sorry for the inconvenience


Why can I still download the app from my App Store?

Apple and Google App Stores do not restrict downloads by geographic location, unfortunately Sports Interaction has no control over this.

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